Los Angeles workshop


Intensive acting Masterclass with Zoom

Due to the covid 19 situation Jack won’t teach for the moment but you can still follow his teaching trough zoom webinars.

Contact : Karme Màlaga : email : karmemalagaactriu@gmail.com 

Class is Monday through Saturdays.
Beginning at 6pm
Class runs 3-4 hours long

Class format

Everyone follows the same series of exercises in their own time.
Everyone will work on a different, individually assigned exercise in the first half of the class.

Everybody works simultaneously in the first half of the class every time you attend. You work on an exercise that is designed to strengthen your imagination and concentration.
You will need to learn a short, contemporary monologue for the class.
In addition, you also work in the second half of the class every other class on an improvisation exercise, a cold reading or a song exercise which is assigned on the day.


You will pay the fee at the order of Jack Waltzer.

Interview and audition for new students

Please contact Karme for a quick chat prior to your audition.
Prepare a contemporary monologue of your choice 3-5minutes in length. Karme will reach out to all new students to set up their audition time.


To get more information and to book, please contact : :

Karme Màlaga :

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