What they say

Sigourney Weaver

“I have worked with acting coach Jack Waltzer since 1994. Jack’s script breakdown techniques and his innovative exercises have completely revolutionized the way I prepare for a film. Our work together deepens and personalizes each scene in profound ways, thus allowing me to truly let go and become another person in the imaginary world of the film. I arrive on set completely prepared and raring to go.
Jack is the best acting teacher I have ever known – the only good one in my opinion. He is inspiring, practical and discreet. I can not recommend Jack Waltzer more highly. He is “THE MAN”

Excerpts from Sigourney Weaver’s letter of recommendation – September 25, 1998

Roman Polanski

“I used Jack Waltzer’s expertise on several motion pictures and plays I directed. He helped me immensely coaching the beginners as well as the experienced and accomplished actors.
Jack Waltzer is the only no-nonsense acting teacher I know and recommend. His classes are fascinating. I like to pop in as a sort of “guest student” just to learn some more.
In preparing an actor for a performance he knows how to build a character.”

Excerpts from Roman Polanski’s letter of recommendation – June 28, 2000 

Robert Duvall

Barry Primus

“Jack is that rare combination of a wonderful personality a great teacher and an original artist. He has been very Influential in helping me to develop a strong technique in my work. It’s always a joy to be in his class.”

Stella Adler

Excerpts of de Stella Adler’s letter

Dustin Hoffman

“After knowing Jack Waltzer for many years as a Professional actor and teacher, and having attended his acting classes in New York City numerous times, I chose his acting class to appear in my film Tootsie because his work represented for me the best of American acting techniques.I feel it would be most valuable for any professional actor to have the opportunity to study and work with Jack Waltzer.”

Excerpts from Dustin Hoffman’s letter of recommendation – July 18, 1983  

Jon Voight

David Proval & Richard Romanus

Sydney Pollack

“In order to give the acting class segment, in “Tootsie” an authenticity, I used Jack Waltzer’s classroom and lots of Jack’s students to do the repetition exercise and mood image exercises.”

Stanley Beck

“As a film producer, I am frequently called upon to recommend an acting teacher. Unhesitatingly and foremost, the first name that has always come to mind is Jack Waltzer. I feel he has the expertise to work in a most personal way with the actors in developing their fullest potential.”

Excerpts from Stanley Beck’s letter of recommendation – March 26, 1984

Sandford Meisner

Excerpts of Sandford Meisner’s letter

Guila Clara Kessous

“For me, Jack Waltzer really made a difference in the way to get purposeful artistic learnings. He was the one to teach me to have a real vision on a scene. To understand its value, its scope, its resonance,…”

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