London Workshops


From Monday 3rd July till 15th 2017 and auditions in London on Sunday 2nd July

Mondays through Saturdays, with Sunday off

Monday 3rd July, be there at 11:30 am to register !

Raindance Studio – Address : 10 Craven St London WC2N 5PE

Monday through to Thursdays Technique class from 11 am till 5 pm
Fridays scenes class from 11:00 6pm
Saturdays scene class from 10:00 5pm

Class Format :
Everyone follows the same series of exercises in their own time.
Everyone will work on a different, individually assigned exercise in the first half of the class.
The workshops are ongoing; Jack returns to London on a regular basis so you pick up where you left off.
Everybody works simultaneously in the first half of the class every time you attend. You work on an exercise that is designed to strengthen your imagination and concentration.
In addition, you also work in the second half of the class every other class on an improvisation exercise, a cold reading or a song exercise which is assigned on the day.
You will need to learn a short, contemporary monologue for the class.

Fee :

The one flat fee is £ 525 (£ 475 for actors who have attended a minimum of 2 workshops).


To get more information and to book, please contact :